Greensmith Photography really is all about you. Sure, we’ve got a story to tell, but our entire focus is on you. From our first contact with you, whether it’s in an email, over Skype, or in person, we are all ears. We provide you with timely answers to any questions you have and make sure you’ve got a team devoted to help you look your best. Even playing the music you love at your shoot comes standard. Hey, you wanna rock out to David Bowie cause it brings out your inner tiger? We’re down.

We remain in contact even after the shoot to make sure you are completely satisfied. You want more photos at a later date? We’ve got you covered. You realize you need a photo re-sized or re-formatted so you can get your gawgeous mug out on the interwebs? We’re here for you. Bottom line: we want you to have the headshot you deserve. And you deserve to have a headshot that gets you the job, highlights your personality, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

My partner in crime, Kurt, and I started Greensmith Photography back in 2009 to provide economical photography to performers. When we went looking for someone to take our professional headshots, we were amazed at the cost. With more than a decade of photographic experience, I kept asking, “Why do these cost so much money?” From there, an idea was born. So, we began looking for cost solutions without compromising aesthetic value. After years of practice we have created a variety of ways to pass savings along to you. Because, after all, a great headshot should not cost a month’s rent.

So, since you’ve saved all that money, you’ve made your bank account happy, and you can still grab some takeout on the way home. Go you.

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